Art Exibition "Remembering - Caring - Experiencing" 2021

Foto: Karl-Heinz Stadtler

Art exhibition "Remembering - Caring - Experiencing".

From August 15th to October 31st, a large art exhibition will take place in the courtyard of the synagogue and in the neighboring garden - house of the Mildenberg-Frees family. 30 steles have been created by artists from all over Germany on the theme mentioned in the headline and will be brought to Vöhl during these days. In order to protect the sculptures, we have surrounded the otherwise open courtyard with construction fences covered with artistically designed tarpaulins. These magnificent tarpaulins were designed by young people from Vöhl, Korbach and Frankenberg and a group from the retirement home in the neighboring village of Asel. After the young people got their inspirations from the theme, they created beautiful artworks.

We printed an exhibition guide, which will introduce the artists and their artworks to the visitors of the exhibition.

A jury will select 6 masterpieces, that will be purchased by the Förderkreis and placed next to the synagogue. The other steles will be available for private purchase.

The art exhibition will be open on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 to 5 pm. Each weekend there will be supporting events in the courtyard and inside the synagogue (e.g. other exhibitions, musical entertainment, lectures, guided tours)

Since several artworks can be illuminated and the lights are not on display during opening hours, we will have an "Art Night" on one of the Friday evenings. A very good Klezmer band will offer a small concert. We are also preparing a light installation.

The money for purchasing the steles and for the production of the exhibition guide has been provided by government fundings. We hope to be able to finance the musicians' and performers' fees through donations.

We will also present the artworks as well as the tarpaulins designed by the young people on this page.

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