Sunday 19th May 2024


Family Trees of Jews in Voehl, Hesse, Germany

  • Mildenberg Mayer2.jpg
  • Blum Mehrgeld Reichmann1.jpg
  • Mildenberg Simon - Samuel3.jpg
  • Liebmann3.jpg
  • Salberg Isaac und Faist3.jpg
  • Eberwein Wilhelm7.jpg
  • Bar Salomon9.jpg
  • Lowenstern Israel  Bar1.jpg
  • Keiser1.jpg
  • Schonhof5 .jpg
  • Kulsheimer Lobb2.jpg
  • Kugelmann Isaak2.jpg
  • Rothschild Selig3.jpg
  • Kratzenstein Selig2.jpg
  • Frankenthal Herz4.jpg
  • Blum Joseph5.jpg
  • Kratzenstein Jacob7.jpg
  • Kaiser Feitel6.jpg
  • Schonthal Marienhagen4.jpg
  • Stern David3.jpg

Assembled by Karl-Heinz Stadtler

Family trees from Vöhl, Marienhagen, Basdorf and Oberwerbewere were created if enoughby data from Family Trees were available.

If you see any mistakes, corrections or have additional information you would like us to include send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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