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Tour of houses formerly inhabited by Jews in Voehl

©Hessisches Landesvermessungsamt 2003, Grafik: Kurt-Willi Julius

Assembled by Kurt-Willi Julius in 2005. The old recordings and the descriptions come from the Jürgen Evers collection. Translated by Kimberley Simon.

Please click on the addresses or keywords in the list below for more information about individual

  1 Mittelgasse 9, Synagoge, School, Information Board
   2 Mittelgasse 11, Immersion Bath, Information Board
   3 Mittelgasse 13, Immersion Bath
   4 Mittelgasse 15, Immersion Bath
   5 Mittelgasse 17, Immersion Bath
   6 entfällt
   7 Basdorfer Str. 9, Information Board
   8 Schulberg a
   9 Schulberg 12, Information Board
  10 Schulberg b
  11 Schulberg 14
  12 Kirchweg 5
  13 Kirchweg 4
  14 Basdorfer Str. 3
  15 Basdorfer Str. 1
  16 Henkelstraße 7
  17 Arolser Str. 1 
  18 Arolser Str. 9
  19 Arolser Str. 6
  20 Arolser Str. 8, Immersion Bath, School, Information Board
  21 Arolser Str. 10
  22 Arolser Str. 13 (a), Information Board
  23 Arolser Str. 13 (b), Immersion Bath
  24 Arolser Str. 15 (c)
  25 Arolser Str. 17
  26 Arolser Str. 19, Immersion Bath
  27 Arolser Str. 21
  28 Arolser Str. 23
  29 Zum Köppel, Friedhof, Cemetery
  30 Arolser Ecke Nordstr.
  31 Arolser Str. 14
  32 Mittelgasse 1, Information Board
  33 Mittelgasse 3
  34 Mittelgasse 5
  35 Mittelgasse 7, Information Board


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Tour in Vöhl

Start at the synagogue. Go down the “Mittelgasse”, then turn right into “Basdorfer Staße”. Turn right into “Schulberg”, then left at “Auf der Höhe”. Pass the church and head back to Basdorfer Straße down “Kirchweg”. Turn right again. Behind the pizzeria, turn right into Arolser Straße or if you want you can take a short detour to the house at “Henkelstraße 7”. Walk up “Arolser Staße” to the footpath in direction of the Protestant parish office “Günter Sternberg Weg”. Turn right on “Gartenstraße” and walk up “Zum Köppel”. There is the entrance of the Jewish cemetery (entry is forbidden on Shabbat (= Saturday) and on Jewish holidays). Leave the cemetery through the same gate and walk down the street “Zum Köppel” to “Arolser Straße”. At the crossing of “Arolser Straße” and “Nordstraße” is a memorial stone honoring the Jews from Vöhl. Cross “Arolser Straße” into town and turn left into “Mittelgasse” to get to the starting point.


Brunnenstraße 6
Lewi Kaiser bought the house in 1850 from the Heine-Müller families. In 1911 he sold the property to the Daude family from Asel.
Mühlenstraße 15
Inscription on beam: In the name of God, Feist Keiser and his wife built this house on May 29th 1859.
Mühlenstrasse 6
House of the merchant Bendix Külsheimer. Mentioned as a house owner around 1880.


Schulweg 8 (Information board)
Selig Kratzenberg family. Originally the restaurant and manufactory store “Zum Grünen Kranze”. After the death of the owner Selig Kratzenberg in 1919 his son-in-law Max Winter took over the store and restaurant. In 1935 the whole Winter family emigrated to the Netherlands. Afterwards Christian Stevens who was from Holland took over the building and established the hotel “Germania” there. Today, the diagnostic company Biocon is located in its place.

Hauptstaße 11
House of Luis Schönthal, built in 1928. The family home burned down in 1928 due to a lightning strike. In 1925 the family emigrated and sold the house.


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